The HIV infected blood in Pepsi hoax

I saw it on flash news. Dont drink the pepsi products they are contaminated by a company worker who has put his HIV blood in some of tha bottles. No one knows where it has been distributed so b careful

Here's a detailed scrutiny of the above statement(not the bad grammar)

"I saw it on flash news...."
Really? Did you really see it yourself? Or did you HEAR it from someone who has seen it on flash news? "Me frie...I saw a UFO yesterday!"
But I really did see it dood!
You seem to be confident person, so tell me, how come the news channel that broadcasted the flash news still haven't posted it on their website? Don't look at me, check it out yourself.

"....saw it on flash news...."
Remember the Bird flu? An epidemic isn't broadcasted on flash news, it'll be all over every news channel competing for your attention and their ratings. When a huge corporate is involved, the media has much to chew on so they would never miss the chance now would they?
But nowadays media is after trivial news na? They leave this kinda stuff to social networks only!
Imagine an alien space craft landed at the centre of your MG Road during rush hour. This could be the single most significant event in the history of mankind. Every commuter has gotten out of their vehicles and are taking and uploading photos of the spacecraft via their cell phones. 

If you were a reporter coincidentially standing at the scene, would you:-
a)      Start taking snaps as well and provide exclusive coverage of the event to your news network for a shit load of money.
b)      Shrug and think "Meh! FB and twitter has it covered. I'll just keep taking photos of these Amitabh Bachhan toe nail clippings in the trash"

"....Dont drink the pepsi products...."
So can I still drink 7up, Sprite, Fanta, Mirinda, Thumbs Up, Banta, Bovonto, Campa Cola, Appy Fizz, Grappo Fizz, Limca, LMN and Tropicana Twister? Thank God for capitalism eh?

"....the pepsi products they are contaminated by...."
For a company that caters to most of the world, you'd think they'd have enough sense to have a massive recall rather than being sued and loosing face and market percentage world wide. Just because of some sociopath in their company.
But maybe they don't care about the Indian market no!

"....contaminated by a company worker...."
Pepsi manufacturing is NOT done by humans. What you are imagining is a factory with workers stirring the liquid in a huge barrel and manually filling it into bottles which come along on a conveyor belt. That would probably be true as some black and white footage of the process several decades old. No 'worker' would be able to have manual access to anything except the raw ingredients which would be filtered anyways.

".... put his HIV blood in some of tha bottles...."
For the last fucking time, AIDS can only spread through 3, repeat, THREE ways:-
  1. Unprotected penetrative sex thing(but you already knew that and are thinking about which porn site to browse right now)
  2. Blood transfution or sharing of needles(directly from blood stream to blood stream)
  3. Mother to child via pregnancy which for some reason can be avoided some of the times now.
Even if you drink infected blood or infected body fluids (why the hell would you?), your stomach acids will kill the virus.
But what if we have cuts on the inside of our mouths?
The virus can only infect you if it enters DIRECTLY into your blood stream. This obviously means, much like most techies, the virus can't survive in the harsh outside world. Unless you are a corpse, the inside of a pepsi bottle qualifies as harsh outside world.

"....No one knows where it has been distributed so b careful "
Then how do we know that there is a contaminated pepsi batch? Can't they just trace the worker to the batch and thus the distributed areas? Or did the worker send an anonymous letter to his employers or the press about what he did? Vattai ominous warning! Vattai mystery!

If you still are not sure about it(Idiot!), google it and see how many different countries have a similar diabolical HIV +ve Cola company worker spilling his blood all over the place. I think the world has enough REAL issues to worry about if that is what you were after.

Possible origin: PEPSI(Post Exposure Prophylactic following Sexual Intercourse) is an acronym used by medics for a course of treatment given after someone suspects he or she may have been exposed to the HIV virus. Not sure about the validity.

Either ways, stop forwarding me the stupid warning and stop forwarding the stupid warning to potential idiots who might forward it to me.

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  1. FYI....HIV live only on the plasma on bloods, after seconds that virus die outside the human body, it cannot also survive to any form of acid, this message is made only by idiots who are maybe form rival companies of Pepsi Corporation. Stop polluting the mind of innocent individuals.


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