The 14th Conspiracy (Valentine's Day/Children's day)

Valentine's Day : February 14th
Children's Day : November 14th
The gap between these two days every year is exactly 9 months LOL
You may have received this forward/SMS and had a small laugh before deleting it, but you may be deleting away evidence for one of the greatest government conspiracies this nation has ever seen.
If you feel the "Feb/Nov 14th" mail/SMS is just a joke created by some jobless jerk(No! It wasn't me) playing at the fact that the pregnancy period for humans averages at 9 months, then just LOL and ignore this.
But if you see as I see and feel as I feel, then scroll below on the RED title to go further down the rabbit hole! Read till the very end. The last line is the most shocking! If you are weak hearted and/or pregnant or simply choose to remain ignorant, then take the BLUE pill and kindly close the window and save yourself from the horror.
[name of the conspiracy is in fact lame as it indicates that it is the conspiracy which comes after 13 others rather than signifying 14th as a date]
Coincidence or Conspiracy?
The origin of Valentine's day has always been kept vague and approximated to be sometime during 100-300 AD. The government states that all of those present during the first Valentine's day celebrations are now deceased and there were no video or photographic recordings of the event. 
The smoking gun : The reason told to us by the government as to why November 14th is celebrated as Children’s day is the birth of our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru[14 November 1889–27 May 1964]. Nehru died at the age of 75. On February 14th, 1975, P.G. Wodehouse died. Mr.Wodehouse liked both Children and valentines and both those figures have a 75, marked in yellow bold font! HA!
Still need evidence? Consider the word VALENTINE. Remove V,A,T,N and E. Then rearrange the remaining letters such that I comes first followed by L,E and N. Now insert C and H in front and D and R in the middle. What do you get?

[note the increasing font size and number of ‘?’s and be more amazed]

Not convinced yet? Take a look at the Children's Day card below...

Didn't see it? Take another look...

That's right! A HEART! The symbol of love and also the main symbol used for anything related to Valentine's day.
But the cross over is not just one way, take a look at the Valentine's Day card below...

Yes! The main subjects used here are CHILDREN!
So HEARTS ended up on a Children's day card and CHILDREN ended up on a Valentine's Day card
Still don’t believe? Then the following images may shock you. It is the reason I’m having cold shivers right now, that or the fact that my socks are wet.
The greatest evidence that there is a link between Valentine’s day and Children’s day was released in 1996 by the government itself. Maybe one person in the government wanted us to know the truth and designed the 10 rupee note to carry a hidden message.
Then the following images may shock you. I know I said that before but I’m repeating for added effect and suspense. Follow the instructions to reveal the secret message hidden within these notes.
Step 1 : Take the back side of a 10 rupee note

Step 2 : Fold the note in half like so

Step 3 : Fold the tip of the upper half as shown to align both the ‘10’s written together

Step 4 : Take a pen or marker and write down following letters to reveal the hidden message and with it the truth!

And that isn’t the scariest part. As mentioned in the beginning, the difference between the 2 dates within a year is 9 months. Now add one to that. Why? Because I said so!
9 + 1 = 10!!!!


  1. wow! i almost had a heart attack.:-)

  2. ZOMG! So it's true! It's the End of The World As We Know It!


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