My choice to be the best of what I am, unless I'm gay

My choice of whom I want to date, unless your fragile culture can't bear the burden

My choice to do whatever work I want to, unless it doesn't make me look good in the marriage market

My choice of whom I want to marry, unless Mars gets in my way

My choice to have children or not, unless my Mother and Mother-in-law finally agree upon one thing

My choice to cheer for which ever team I deem worthy, unless I've to prove my undying patriotism

My choice on what food I want to eat, unless you want to "preserve" our traditions and your vote bank

My choice to drink whatever I want, unless you want to be the saint and saviour of your political agenda state

My choice to say a joke, unless it offends your sensibilities

My choice to live as a human being, unless you're just being human

My choice to become a chaiwala or PM, unless I don't belong to any political allegiance and remain a chaiwala.

My choice to become the face of women's empowerment, unless I'm an acid victim, a prostitute, a tribal, a transgender...

My choice, unless I'm not privileged

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