Missions in life

1.       1000 post challenge

Since I’ve been regular with blog posts, I’d like to reach a total of 1000 posts with this blog. I know it’s no big deal for an average blogger. What happens once I reach 1000 posts? I don’t know, maybe 1500 posts or maybe a trip to Mars. Most likely the former. Yup, long way to go.

2.       61 Country challenge
Now 61 is a strange number, isn’t it? To educate you, there are 6 inhabitable continents in the world. For some odd reason, I’d like to travel to 10 different countries on each of the continents. If you’ve been keeping track, 6 x 10 is 60. The 61st country and continent is the only one that isn’t technically inhabited. Well, I did say it’s a challenge.

a.       Only counts if I’ve taken a Visa for that country.
b.      Only counts if I’ve stayed a total of at least 24 hours in that country.
c.       One souvenir per country at least.
d.      India doesn’t count (duh!)
e.      Oh right! There’re only 3 countries in North America and two in Australia. So, of the 15 countries remaining per continent, five countries each are distributed to Europe, Middle East and Asia, more as regions than continents. Sound fare? Well, just look at the chart below then!

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