The anniversary interview

Dawwg : Sup y’all! This is T Dawwg, with 2 Ws. I’m back with another interview but this time not with a sociopath, but with a dude who just finished one year in his IT company yesterday. Congratulations anniversary dude!

Anniversary Dude : No way I’m having such a long name!

AD : That’s better!

Dawwg : So tell me mah man, how did it feel like when you completed one year as an IT professional?

AD : It felt like I completed one year as an IT professional, what did you expect me to say? It feels ‘wet’?

Dawwg : uuuuuhh.......

Censor meter : Warning! Yellow alert! Yellow alert!

Dawwg : what made da biggest impact on you during the days of your training?

AD : When I was hit by a moving cycle.

Dawwg : When yo?

AD : When I staring at a girl wearing short shorts standing in the middle of the road.

Censor meter : Warning! Yellow alert! Yellow alert!

Dawwg : So where did you have your ha-ppi-est moment while in training?

AD : Like most people, in the multiplex.

Dawwg : The occasion?

AD : When Drona was over.

Dawwg : Do you miss the feel of your training days?

AD : Not really, I still got exams and I still flunk in most of them so ‘the feel’ is still pretty much there.

Dawwg : What is the one thing in life the past one year?

AD : Live

Dawwg : You paint a grim picture man!

AD : And you ask several stupid questions but do I complain?

Dawwg : So how did you end up here, exactly one year ago?

AD : I was actually an inventor. I invented pockets but only later realised it was already invented. So I went for plan B which was to join this company in case my invention fails.

Dawwg : So that is how you got here huh?

AD : No, I got ‘here’ by walking through that door back there.

Dawwg : I’m tired of this sh*t! How about we spice things up a notch with the question?

AD : Is that supposed to intimidate me or impress me, because I just feel bored.

Dawwg : Tell me about your relationships huh?

AD : Well, there was this one great girl, she was sweet and friendly, at the same time sexy looking! The chemistry was undeniable...

Dawwg : Alrite! My boy’s in da game eh!

AD : I meant between the girl and her fiancé. They get married next year by the way.

Dawwg : Tough luck man! I’m sure you will....

AD : ....kill someone just because I’m bored?

Apt Meter : Warning! Warning! Orange alert! Orange alert! Orange alert!

Dawwg : ...........

AD : ..............

Dawwg : .......find someone else.

AD : I already did.

Dawwg : Really?

AD : Of course not idiot! Do I look depressed to you? I’m single!

Dawwg : Are you advertising in my interview?

AD : Oh god! Please don’t tell me you are interested!

Apt Meter : Warning! Warning! Orange alert! Orange alert! Orange alert!

Dawwg : So this is what you’ve become? After one year you are a bitter sarcastic shell of a man.

AD : With hints of God complex.

Dawwg : Is there anything else you’d like to say to the youth about to enter into your field.

AD : I do. RUN! Get the hell away from here! Save yourselves! RUN you ****ing idiots! This place is cursed!


Dawwg : Oh hell! What now?

AD : No idea! I never got how this thing works exactly. Is it like a censor board or something?

Apt Meter : This interview will self destruct in 10 seconds.

Dawwg : **** MAN! I don’t wanna die!

AD : See you in hell dude. Don’t forget your ID and matching tie.

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