Parody personified : The Lonely Island

Saturday Night Live brings a lot of comedy to the world. Some lamer than the others. Out of the blue comes The Lonely Island. Their humour not only punches you in the face, it also kicks you in the crotch, and then hits you over the head with an empty bottle of vodka and takes your wallet, only to realise you have to little money that it shakes it’s head in disgust and throws the wallet back at you...point being, they’re AWESOME. Here’s a selection my top 5 favourite Lonely Island songs. That’s right, I’m using something someone else created to express my individualism, bite me! And yeah, if you’re under 18 and/or are related to me, close the damn browser.
Uncensored lyrics : Listener Discretion is adviced.
Honourable mention : Like a boss
A description of what happens in the everyday life of DA BOSS! This’ll give you an idea of what The Lonely Island is about. People of the previous generation, this is tasteless senseless music. Does that make you feel better old people?

#5 : Threw it on the ground

I know some people who are like this. They're just against the SYSTEM in their own unique way. Good moral to the song as well.

#4 : Boombox
Do not under estimate the Boombox. The lyrics show how awesome these guys are. So if you’re not paying attention to the lyrics, you’re a burden on society already.

#3 : Dick in a Box
The perfect Valentine’s day gift, enough said.

#2 : I’m on a boat
The Grammy nominated song. Extremely catchy. For those who didn’t get it, it’s a parody on the Rap song genre by declaring mundane things about being on a boat with extreme....SOMETHINGNESS!

#1 : Jizz in my pants
My personal favourite! You don’t know what ‘jizz’ means? You should check that out before watching the video.

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