Sex and the City 2 aftermath

Yesterday I watched Sex and the city 2 completely as part of a dare. WORST.150.MINUTES.EVER!

A movie of such caliber can't be directed, it can only be congealed in some toxic waste dump of bullshit and designer wear. They should change the name of the show to 'Shallow Bitches'.
Following in the footsteps of Sahil(aka The Vigil Idiot), I compiled a list of things which I did recently that are LESS gay than watching that travesty, so as to make myself feel better. So here's Venai's list of things that are...

Things that are less gay than watching Shallow Bitches 2

10. Watching gay porn for 3 seconds out of morbid curiosity(lame excuse, I know).
9 . Letting cousin sisters put make up on my face, inclusive of listick.
8 . Watching a movie with Shahid Kapoor in it, other than 'Kaminey'.
7 . Thinking about marriage while still being single.
6 . Discussing the 'No idea get idea' commercial with another living being.
5 . Sighing.
4 . Using the L word to someone who's drunk, while being drunk.
3 . Saying "cho chweet" sarcastically(also lame excuse).
2 . Any activity involving Rindo Ramankutty.
1 . Sleeping on a couch with 2 other guys...
...with only one pillow the afternoon
...while NOT drunk!


  1. The movie was...Let's not talk about it.Loved the 10 "less gay" things to do...

  2. dont tell me that u did point no 1. ;-)
    loved reading the list.


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