How to create a rapist in 3 easy steps


This isn't the sort of thing that can be done overnight. We need to go back in time, several hundred years, when the Europeans were starting to conquer the world because they felt like it. Let us now select a country outside of Europe with a rich culture and heritage. A country with enough exposure to the rest of the world via peaceful trade routes. A country, where the ancient civilizations will be studied for centuries to come. Do you have a country in mind? Good! Let's get started, let's make that rapist.

STEP 1 : Follow MY rules!

Your selected country is where we will be spawning our rapist, so obviously you'll have to manipulate the people living in the country. Go ahead, brutally invade the country and colonize it. By colonize, the major aspect to be considered is religion. 

IMPORTANT : Your religion must be a completely male dominant one based on the concept of sin and blind faith.

Use this religion to criticize and look down upon the natives. Of course, their concept of society, sexuality and spirituality is different from yours. So of course, they're wrong! Tell them everything they do is SIN. Don't forget to focus on the sexuality. Sex (possibly the most natural thing which leads to our existence) is unnatural and wrong. Even thinking about sex is wrong. Why is it wrong? It says in the religion that sex is wrong, so it has to be wrong! 

By repeatedly hitting them over the head for being open about themselves individually, you'll create a region of people who're frustrated they can't live the way they have for hundreds of years. As a bonus, you can make them cover up their body parts, all of them, in the name of CIVILIZATION and SIN! At the peak of mental and physical frustration, you will achieve the first step.

STEP 2 : Mom isn't important

It is impossible for one to become a rapist if they have respect for women. In order to ensure an inherent indifference towards all women, we shall break down their respect for the most important woman in one's life, the Mothers. Specific steps that can be followed to make this happen practically are:-

  1. Lack of education : An educated Mother is a strong Mother, not happening.
  2. Physical abuse : Nothing says weak and pathetic like a closed fist to Mom's face.
  3. Financial dependence : Mom can't handle money, she's a guuuuuuuuurl!
  4. Slavery : All those household chores ain't gonna be done by a man,
  5. More physical abuse : Just to be sure
  6. Repeated pregnancy : The miracle of child birth. Again, and again, and again.
Check mark all the above. Double check. When asked about their Mothers, if the children have an image of a bloodied and beaten woman, who works to satisfy everyone and gets no credit, then congratulations, you've completed step two. You may now take a small break, partially to be impressed by your own work, but mainly to wait for the children to grow up to the proper age for step three.

STEP 3 : Segregation

All your work to this point can be undone completely if the child receives proper education and exposure to other specimens of the fairer sex. Not to worry, the current educational system is on your side with the exception of one major flaw. 
The importance of Step one will reveal itself at this stage. A society afraid of the mere mention of the word 'sex' will definitely be afraid of any male-female interaction that doesn't involve weighted shackles on the ring fingers(commonly referred to as 'wedding rings'). 
As mentioned earlier, the major flaw of the current educational system, is that it is unbiased of gender. Institutions of education are locations where our rapist candidates can meet, interact with and maintain normal relations with their potential victims. This is where implementation of step three becomes crucial. 
If the young boys and girls are separated during the educational sessions, there wouldn't be any proper interaction between them, hence negating the major flaw of the educational system. The minimal requirement is that segregation be done within the same room by means of the invisible LoP(Line of Prudishness) - a line which runs through the center of the classroom dividing the boys section from the girls section. It is recommended to use separate rooms or separate buildings if the budget permits.
Any violation of the LoP should be dealt with severe punishment, preferably one where the violators are mentally scarred for the remainder of their lives. All punishments must be made public so as that a clear example can be made for other possible future violators. Ensure, the rules of the LoP extend to outside of the premises of the educational institution as well.
When properly implemented, the step three will certify that our rapists will know only one way to interact with those of the opposite gender, and that is through their genitalia. At this point, go online and order yourself a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. There is much to rejoice! You have created a generation that needs the slightest of provocation to achieve the purpose they were created by god for.

Now encourage your rapists to go out there and gain  some experience. She's asking for it either ways. They're all asking for it. Have fun!

The author resides in the state of Kerala, South India. His region's population(including himself) has undergone all of the above steps but sadly due to missing vertebral columns, very few rapists were created. Hence, only sexual deviants are wide spread. The author would like to apologize to the world wide rapist community on behalf of the poor performance of his state.


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