Of the Rain and Missed calls

The ground, that lays barren, tired and parched.
In search for a drop of water, he endlessly marched.

The soul, that feels bored and is without rest,
awaits for a whisper from she, who calls him dearest.

"Why does this heat persist?" asks the dry land,
"I demand the wind on my face and flowers in my hand!"

"Why does this loneliness persist?" asks the poor boy,
"I demand a song for my heart to dance with joy!"

"I beg of you sky, one lil drop of water is all"
pathetically the land begs, keeled over and so small.

"I beg of you AirTel©, her one lil missed call"
the boy too, in desperation, begins to bawl.

The rain comes! Quenches the land's thirst and makes him refreshed.
The voice comes! Creates a warm glow where her memory is fleshed.

A night later, the heat vengefully returns 
thanks to global warming and many a delightful bomb.
And the girl? Flown lightyears upon lightyears away 
thanks to her practicality and shaadi.com!

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