NaMo Yamadeva (Parody of Ra-ra-rasputin) - Lyrics

There lives a certain man in Gandhinagar now,
He is bright and saffron, with a white beard that is wow!
Minorities look at him with terror and with fear
But to Middle class prigs, his words they bring a tear.

Come to listen, to his many speeches
pulling many a crowd.
If you catch, what he really teaches,
Hitler would be proud.
NaMo Yamadeva!
Lover of a country clean
His heart is gold, his brain made of lead.
NaMo Yamadeva!
India's greatest spiel machine
You talk against him, and it's your head!
He ruled with a hand, both noble and so gay
With his other hand, he sold it on eBay.
His only competition? A dim witted child,
with a famous name and I liked the way he smiled.

For the people he was a holy leader
though they've heard the things he'd done.
They believed, he was the one to prefer
over the ones who now govern.
NaMo Yamadeva!
Owner of the India gene,
He only wants his love to be spread.
NaMo Yamadeva!
Hater of the colour green,
Atleast that's what his PR guy said!
But when his talking and preaching and his hunger
for power became known to more and more people,
the demands to make this man the Prime Minister
became louder and louder.
"This man is pure evil!" decalred his enemies,
But his fans were pissed "teri maa ki ankh" they wheeze.
No doubt this little man, had lots of hidden charms
he said yes to corps and ignored all the farms.

All the idiots, the facebook daily suffers,
shared and liked their latest craze
"I just love him, while the video buffers"
Regressing to their porn phase
NaMo Yamadeva!
Develop this nation please
you are the shiniest of the two turds
NaMo Yamadeva!
We will go down on our kness
and flock to you like domestic heards
NaMo Yamadeva!
We are out of ideas
We'll make a Big Brother, out of thee
NaMo Yamadeva!
Like the bloody Koreas
Destroy this planet with World War THREE!
... oooooooom namo kamala!

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