2 year anniversary in the IT industry

Techie : GOD! Oh God! God! GOOOOOOOOD!
God : What is it you sonnuvabeech?!!
Techie : God! My name is...
God : OI! Don't mention any names here else someone from some community will surely be offended and come chop off someone's hands.
Techie : Uh....ok! Well, I have this huge problem...
God : I'm sure so does 6.5 billion others but please go on...
Techie : ....the thing is, today I just completed............one whole year in..............the same Software company!
God : ......and?
Techie : That's pretty much it! I thought the tension rising effect clearly gave out my selfish and narrow minded ideas.
God : Ok! So what would you like me to do humble sir? Since that's when everyone thinks of God, when they need something.
Techie : I don't know! Make me Secret Agent, or a Space Cowboy, or a Secret Agent Space Cowboy.
God : Firstly, I'm not a fucking genie. Secondly, what's so bad about 1 year in the same company.
Techie : Don't you know how many status mails I had to send? How many data entry type jobs I had to perform? How many...
God : HEY! How about explaining it all in layman's terms. I'm not the conventional all knowing all protecting God that fits into 1 religion.
Techie : Slightly confusing, but ok. It's like this, this is the prime of my life and I'm working away like slave. I want to break free, spread my tired wings and other exaggerated metaphors.
God : Slaves didn't get paid and you're just repeating what you read in forwards.
Techie : Ok, so a meagerly paid slave. Who gets to read forwards.
God : You do realize that the IT industry is the most highly paid...
Techie : Ahhhh! No details. Point being, life wasted! Just by developing or testing a software, I'm making life simple for some American company and their clients. How does that improve the world?
God : Ok! So how about you donate most of your money to charity and go work in orphanages? How about saving those rainforests full of hostile animal life? Speaking of which, many animals out there are getting extinct due excessive pollution. Cleaning up the ecosystem would help.
Techie : ......
God : Maybe you can work in the Army, finally do something about those bad terrorists you keep insulting when you talk big with your friends.
Techie : Uh! How about something where I don't have to do much work but get paid so that I can keep living my life the way I do now? And yeah, also get to criticise anything and everything?
God : I'm sure that's how all Secret Agent Space Cowboys enjoy their days. And didn't I tell you I'm not a genie?
Techie : So you're saying I'm pretty much stuck with this eh?
God : Well, you can try some other field rather than bitch about this.
Techie : But I have no other skills.
God : Technically, your same job can be taught to 10th Standard students within a few weeks. I'm sure they're more skilled than you as well.
Techie : What about my 4 years of engineering and stuff?
God : We all know you cleared that by mugging, chits and fluke. Just 'cause society tells you that you're good at academics and profession doesn't mean you are.
Techie : Your insults should be demoralising me but I won't let it. I shall use this new found passion and reach places!
God : Just remember, for every Albert Einstein, there are a million Albert Kochappans who tried but vanished into obscurity.
Techie : I shall stop my whining and rise above my current conditions.
God : Why do you talk as if you have a cancer?

1 year later...
Techie : God? It's me. Techie from last year. I'm still suffering in front of my keyboard. God? GOD! GOOOOOOOOOD!!
: Happy 2nd anniversary mofo! Now go die!

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