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For those who don't know, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, the protector of all things hindu and bharath, successfully got an 'anti-national' play cancelled. This play was Ali J by Evam.

Now the supposed reason for Ali J being anti-national were(as per the Jagruti website)...
  1. One character is arrested for his involvement in Godhra arson case and has been sentenced to death punishment. - Holy shit! That's so offensive. That person should've been put in prison and fed biriyani.
  2. This play has background of creation of Bharat – Pakistan and Ali J is fighting for Bharati. - He should've been supporting Chennai Superkings.
  3. So-called innocent Muslim youth are going towards terrorism for injustice done to them. - by so-called hindu so-called youth.
  4. Mohan is a character shown as a staunch Hindu.Mohan needs a bath.
  5. Hindus took revenge on hundreds of Muslims at Godhra. - Written and Directed by Quetin Tarantino.
  6. One Hindu raped a Muslim woman and has been arrested for the said offence. - NO WAI!
  7. Mohan marries Bharati; but Ali J is responsible for illegitimate child of Bharati which means that Bharati has been raped. - Sex within marriage can't be rape, but sex outside of marriage is definitely rape, GOT IT!
  8. Muslim prisoners are treated inhumanly in Indian prisons. - Youth and women and RTI!
Apart from these, I have a few points as to why the play is anti-national as well...
  1. The Director and performer, Karthik Kumar, normally wears a T-Shirt, a jacket and a pair of jeans. This is completely against our culture and he must apologize to all Indians.
  2. The name of the play isn't "Jai Hanuman". For this Evam must apologize to all Hindus.
  3. 'Evam' is a Sanskrit word, but 'Entertainment' is an English word. This unholy alliance of the corrupt west is denigrating our sacred most language of rishis and tarzan. Evam Entertainment must be thrown in prison for this.
The above persecution complex and indignity I've displayed isn't my own, it permeated through my skull from the website itself. Let's take a look at the website and some examples.

Nina Paley's 'Sita Sings the blues'

Nothing says communal pissing match better than this. Job well done 'Editor'.

Valentine's day

Who needs bullet points when we have arrow tipped sperms to convey arbitrary points?

Current events


It takes a special skill to insult a political party, homosexuality, secularism, progress and your own scriptures all in one go.

If you agree with the above points, please do go visit the website for a chuckle or two. If you think it makes no sense and it's just religious bullcrap, then apologize to the hindus, NOW!

Also, protest against non-Hinduism by watching Ali J FOR FREE on YouTube by watching the hell outta it and then being pissed off and the non hinduismistics.

Jai Hind?


  1. Ughhh! Now I am so coming back from court and watching this Play in the evening..and curse every religious frog that croaks around me.
    People ban such stuff and then allow Sunny Leone movie's JISM3 to go out. And then they say "Theatre and movies lack substance these days"

  2. Replies
    1. 3 years ago, you'd have been right.

      Still in the IT rat race though. YAY!


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