Top 5 awesome trailers to upcoming Hollywood movies

The criteria is as simple as, this list includes only movies that'll be releasing in 2014(will be, not already has). The movie itself might present a disappointment and you'll avoid it like bitcoin, BUT the trailer was awesome. If you don't find your favourite upcoming movie on this list, well, I'm sorry they didn't make an awesome trailer for it. Now quit your whining and let's get to it!

#5: Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

The only thing unique about Michael Bay's 'magnum opus' were the robots fighting each other and incomprehensibly filmed. After Pacific Rim(2013), we had a new movie to see giant robots punching giant monsters in the face. What is Bay going film in between his explosions now? How can he make Optimus Prime look cooler? I know! First get rid of Shia thebeef(AKA Bad acting) and insert a swrod and shield and a giant mudda fugging metal Tyrannosaurus Rex with horns! Also, Megatron finally turns into a gun, finally. Will this movie lack plot, acting, sense and leadership. Who cares? Optimus mofo Prime, with a mofo sword and shield riding a mofo metal T-Rex with horns. (although in the original canon, Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots is too proud of an asshole to let anyone ride him)

#4: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The first trailer revealed the dark history behind Peter Parker's father. While the idea was pretty much 'meh' like the previous movie, it was the second trailer labled 'Enemies Unite' that really gave us something to wait for. I wasn't too keen on watching Electro or The Green Goblin(totally rebooted and shit) on screen, but the trailer shows a Spidey fan boi(stalker?) who is disappointed in a way only fan bois can be disappointed. Watch the trailer, the scene when the newly turned Electro realises that Spidey treats him as random citizen #376 is not something that can be easily be showcased in a movie, let alone a trailer. The second awesome thing about this trailer? RHINO! The guy from the comics looks like an inflatable toy, but here, he's a guy in a mech-suit with a friggin horn. I'm sure he's using the horn for important stuff and it wasn't show horned in there to force the nickname. A cookie for those who find a Doc Ock easter egg. Looking forward for the baddies - Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti and some random kid as the new Green Goblin. It's not like there was a sucky Spidey movie stuffed with 3 villains out there. Is there?

#3: Guardians of the Galaxy

I refuse to jump onto the band wagon where people are talking about them being 'ardent fans' of this obscure team of superhero (misfits?) and that Marvel is finally paying tribute. Screw you posers! All I knew was, there was a squirrel in the team. It was a raccoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper. Wait, who? Now I have to check this movie out. Vin Diesel is a tree thing, interesting. Zoe Saldana now plays a GREEN alien, naice. But I was still largely indifferent till I saw the trailer.
The main aspect being the general lackadaisical tone the trailer has along with the ever so catchy 'Hooked on a Feeling' popularised by the iconic 'Ooga-jaaga' chanting, that first tickles you and then gets you pumped up for...Was that friggin' Batista??!! HOLY SHIT! Imma go memorize every bit of Guardians trivia from wikipedia now.

#2: X-Men: Days of Future Past

After the atrocious X-Men 3 and the lukewarm Wolverine, it's about time to give this franchise a rest and bank on the Avengers. Yes? No? Well, then, I guess if you can somehow bring Professor X back from the dead and somehow make a movie with both Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen duo meet up with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender's pair from the past. Also, bring sentinals into the mix. Can you do that? What? You can make Peter Dinklage play Bolivar Trask, the inventor of the sentinals? That sounds pretty amazing! The only thing remaining is a trailer with emotion, angst and two Professor Xs on screen talking face to face.
In case you didn't get the hint, click on video below and know the difference between a generic trailer and a trailer which uses music, epic lines and correct pacing.

Honourable mentions

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Apes in war paint, apocalypse, Gary Oldman, and little to no idea of what the plot will explore. Tingles the mind in excitement, especially after watching what they did with the last of this rebooted series(including a Mission to Mars easter egg)


As always, leave it to Chris Nolan to release a trailer which reveals nothing of the movie, keeps people guessing and finally making pay dirt by delivering an awesome movie which we will discuss, commemorate, parody and love unconditionally. Also, Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey narrating, somehow worked.


THE KING OF MONSTERS IS BACK in one of the best trailers I've ever seen in recent times. The iconic Inception BWAAA sound comes to play here as we get Brayn Cranston doing his Heisenberg voice about "what's coming". I liked how the trailer showcased the minute detail of nuclear testing in the Pacific(the origin of the fake American Godzilla from that movie) and retold it in a different way, as though subtly giving the last (attempt at) a remake a middle finger. 
The plot isn't revealed much, except that this might be the largest Godzilla onscreen so far and that there are non-Godzilla monsters in this movie. (swoons). What packs the trailer off into epic territory is the montage of death and destruction towards the end, where the crescendo is the Godzilla roar(genius!) and the last shot being a small glimpse of the King himself. I can't wait till May!


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